Favorite Board Books

My two boys are still using board books, but I rarely purchase them anymore because we own so many…Until I saw Baby ABC and Baby 123 in a bookstore recently. I think it was the chubby baby wearing the oversize red glasses that got to me.

These beautifully photographed books by professional photographer Deborah Donenfeld are perfect for infants and toddlers because they feature real babies with very familiar objects, such as balls, spoons, chairs, rubber duckies, etc. In both books, the objects and the letters/numbers “pop” because they are in color, while the babies are in black and white. The babies are ethnically diverse (although the author could have done better in this respect) and mainly wearing white diapers, with an occasional accessory relevant to the specific letter. In Baby 123, the numbers are written numerically, spelled out, and also represented in the number of objects, from 1 through 10. The font is bold and large. It is rare to find such a nicely done, simple book with pages that aren’t too cluttered or busy-looking. These books would make a fabulous gift for a new infant, a child turning one year, or a child who is increasing letter and number recognition or learning the alphabet. I just can’t stop looking at them!