Ida Pearle


A Child’s Day: An Alphabet of Play has become one of my favorite alphabet books. It features illustrations created from cut paper and collage art by artist Ida Pearle.  (See part of an Ida Pearle print at the top of this blog? Yeah. Totally in love).

Her website describes her art this way: “Towards the end of her time in college, she began making cut-paper collages as personalized gifts for friends. These collages developed into poetic vignettes, depicting the challenges and gifts of friends’ lives, recast in a hopeful and magical light. As the collages’ narratives are inspired by real situations, the visual forms of the collages, though playful and childlike in appearance, are informed by a thorough understanding of figure and gesture. Though appealingly dream-like, the unique animation, poignancy, and realistic resonance of these works enables them to function as tools for imaginative learning and growth in the real world” Exactly how I’d like to be described…

Ida_Pearle_View  Jump_Child'sday    mother_daughter-pink

It is a truly lovely book, full of eye-catching patterns, vibrant colors and  featuring a diverse group of children. Each letter is shown in upper and lowercase. Verbs describing aspects of play accompany each letter of the alphabet (A is for act, J is for Jump, O is for Open, S is for Swim, etc.).  It works well for preschool and kindergarten age children and older (unless your child is freaked out by kids without facial features, then you should skip it!) Adults will love it as well – it’s one of the most stylish ABC books out there and, as it doesn’t have a narrative, it encourages you to discuss the images and actions with your child as you page through it. Also worth checking out and drooling over? Her prints and Alphabet Cards, as well as the wonderful children’s album she designed the cover art for, Elizabeth Mitchell’s “You are My Little Bird”.

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