You will learn them all…

Cover of "Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo"
Cover of Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
Cover of "B Is for Bulldozer: A Construct...
Cover of B Is for Bulldozer: A Construction ABC

One of the joys of having two little boys is that somehow they are naturally attracted to books about trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, and construction vehicles. I have read so many of these in the past three years, I can’t help but learn along with my kids how to identify and classify all the various machines. We’ll be driving on the highway and one of us will say, “Wow, look at that big front end loader” or “Hey, there’s an excavator over there- look out your window!” Since there are a million picture books on on this subject, how do you choose? I favor those that promote phonological awareness– an ability to hear and manipulate smaller sounds in words- an important early literacy skill to develop “because it is the foundation for spelling and word recognition skills. Phonemic awareness is one of the best predictors of how well children will learn to read during the first two years of school instruction” (Source: Reading rockets) You can enhance this skill with rhyming games or reading books with a rhythmic, rhyming text. Here are some of my favorite preschool-age rhyming books about Things That Go:

RoadworkRoadwork by Sally Sutton

Demolition by Sally Sutton

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo by Kevin Lewis

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker

B is for Bulldozer: a Construction ABC by June Sobel

Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? by Brianna Caplan Sayres