Friday Favorite!

You Are a Lion! and Other Fun Yoga Poses written and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo is one of my recent favorites for the preschool and kindergarten crowd. I’m glad they included the word “fun” in the title, because this book embodies it. I like the gentle playfulness of it- the way it shows children in common yoga poses along with the animal they imitate (lion, cobra, cat, etc). The text gives easy direction, such as “Lie on your stomach/Hands next to shoulders/Push Up!” It’s so effectively combined with the illustrations that you’ll want to stop after each page and do the pose, along with the sound effects of roaring, hissing, etc. The book introduces the mind body connection in a very digestable way for youngsters as well as the concept of Namaste. Perhaps this book will inspire children to learn yoga, or simply some good stretches. Maybe it will promote peace and mindful breathing. Any way you look at it, it works beautifully and is a must-have for your personal collection. Check out other lovely artwork by Teeeun Yoo at his Etsy site.