Friday Favorite: Mo Phillips


“All the World Is A Place for You to Shine” is just one of the many lines I love from Mo Phillips, who is a local Portland, OR singer-songwriter. He is one of my new favorite musicians (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about more great music for the kiddos). This is music you’ll happily want to listen to while driving your kids to swim class or use to accompany those crazy, restless late-afternoon dance parties in your living room.

“I’m ridin’ my bicycle, and I’m heading to your house, and I’m gonna…meet you there, I’m gonna meet you there” starts one of my favorite tunes, called “Puddletown Glide” from his Robot Rodeo album. “Bed Head” from the same album is silly and catchy and reminds me a bit of a Counting Crows song. His rhyming, rhythmic lyrics are perfect for bouncing, twirling, jumping, and shaking to. “I Got a Monkey in a Box…I Got Some Purple Robot Socks…I’m Comin’ Over, We’re Gonna Party!” he sings in “Rollerskate Banana Peels”. Confession time- I would listen to this music without my kids around…ummmm…I AM listening to this music without my kids around. It’s that fun.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Portland area, he’s got some performances coming up at several local libraries. I haven’t seen him in concert, but I imagine him to be a sort-of Jack Black character (you know, the film “School of Rock“?) with a wonderful combination of humor, skill and compassion while working with kids.

Check out his website, Facebook page, and start groovin’ to those catchy tunes. PS: If you’re a local and know a 3 to 6 year old who loves music, he even has a Rock n’ Roll Kindy Class offered at some after-school and library programs.