Summertime…And the Reading is Easy!


Is your child signed up for a Summer Reading program yet? If not, plan a trip to your local library and see what it’s all about. The focus is on having fun while keeping those pre-reading and reading skills fresh during the summer break. Our local Washington County system has a wonderful program with great sign up incentives and interesting events for all ages, including special story time programs. Kids fill out a reading record (some libraries have pre-set goals to choose from, like read 20 days etc. and others let you determine your own goal) and they can read whatever they wish- audio books count too. In July, they turn in their reading record to get a free prize book and more rewards such as a discounted Oaks Park ride tickets, local sports tickets, etc.

Have a pre-reader? Children of all ages can sign up (even newborns), you just read to them and help them fill out their record. Our library system offers an age appropriate group of reading lists if you need inspiration, along with the early literacy skill each book focuses on. Bilingual lists can be found here. Live closer in and use the Multnomah County system? They have a great reading program too. Teens and adults have their own reading programs as well, so no excuses!

Sign up today and have a fun summer of reading with your kids!

PS: All libraries in Washington County do their own (slightly different) program, and ask that you choose one location to sign up for Summer Reading. They also have different dates for sign up and for returning reading records, so pay attention to the calendar you receive at registration.