A Cat Named Pete

Pete_the_CatWho’s blue and furry and loves to rock out in his high-top sneakers? I can’t believe I’m just discovering Pete the Cat books. Written by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean, these books are refreshing, lively and so much fun. They offer an appealing and entertaining blend of narrative and music, and are great for reading aloud! Kids can join in on the repeated lines throughout the story. They will largely appeal to preschoolers on up.

I Love My White Shoes” is a tribute to the unexpected things that happen to test your faith in the goodness of the universe. Pete the Cat steps in various things- strawberries, mud, etc-, changing the color of his brand-new white shoes, which he loves- but does he cry? “Goodness No! He kept walking along, singing his song…” There is a deeper message here, that you can be happy even if life doesn’t turn out the way you planned, that “we keep on singing” when unexpected stuff happens. This book is great for color recognition, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons is equally fun while including a lesson about counting. If you view this, you’ll want to re-create it with your child! The early readers are good, too, but lose a little bit of charm in the longer, less focused format. Check out the other Pete the Cat books, and you’ll become a fan too.