Parent’s Choice: Picture Books, Mobile Apps and More

How_CatIf you’re looking for some new picture books to share with your child, check out these from the Parents’ Choice website. My favorites include Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore, How to Be a Cat by Nikki McClure, Night Light by Nicholas Blechman, How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan, and I Dare You Not to Yawn by Helene Boudreau. Parents Choice also has suggestions for 2013’s best audio, magazines, tv, software, toys, and more. I like their “Read, Play, Learn” section as well, full of great information, ideas and suggestions for your family.

Need some new mobile apps to check out? Here are their suggestions. I don’t have alot of personal experience with mobile apps for kids, so I would love to hear what you’re currently using with your child!