Blink of an Eye


Blink of an Eye, Frances England’s newest children’s album, is beautifully written, feel good music at its best. Since its release in early August, it’s quickly become a staple at my home and work. The songs are honest, fun, sincere, happy, nostalgic and sweet. This is an album both you and your kids will love.

All songs are written by Frances England and she confesses to have written some of them while making pasta or waiting for her kid’s class to end which just makes her more amazing to me. Guest vocalists include Elizabeth Mitchell (“Blink of an Eye”, “Look How the Light Dances With Trees”), Molly Ledford (“Bicycle Built for Two”), and Caspar Babypants (“Blink of an Eye” and “Little Wings”).

Favorites include “Place in the Sun”, Tell Me It All” (about the frustrations of being young and unconditional friendship), “A Bicycle Built for Two” (a lovely duet about taking a ride in the fresh air with a loved one), “Day You Were Born” (a love song to a child), and “Salt Water Spin” (about bravery). The happy percussion accompaniment on several songs (“Blink of an Eye” and “Move Like Saturday Night”) is infectious, prompting listeners to tap or drum along on the nearest surface. And the lyrics– England’s words capture the experiences of kids and parents so well that everything- even a simple bike ride- seems more endearing, more precious. My only complaint? I wish she had included the written lyrics in the package. Here’s a sample:

from Day You Were Born
“On the day you were born/the sky opened wide/Filled up with colors bright and lovely/we felt it inside…Come back to you, back to you, back you you…Always come back to you”.

from Tell Me It All
“Sometimes it hurts/and sometimes you cry/Sometimes it’s not so easy to be young, to be small, to be you. Sometimes you just need a friend/to sit down beside you/Who won’t talk, who won’t ask/who’ll just wait for you–I”ll wait for you…Tell me it all”

Cool Mom Picks writer Christina says:
“With her pretty, lilting voice which reminds me a bit of Norah Jones, and engaging lyrics that are uniquely her own, Frances England is an artist I always want to hear more of. Blink of an Eye is filled with mostly-acoustic songs that remind me of all those times my kids do or say something that knocks me out and I think: I want to remember this moment forever.

In other words: It’s a beautiful album when you need a break from all that jump-around-in-the-car-seat music, but if you’re as sentimental as I am you might just want a tissue nearby for that first listen”.

I couldn’t agree more. She also has an adult album out, called “Paths We Have Worn” Can’t wait to hear it!