Friday Favorite: Puffin Peter


I wasn’t feeling quite satisfied with the second read-aloud I’d selected for preschool story time when the bold yellow cover with a colorful puffin beckoned to me from the picture book shelves. I grabbed it and immediately knew I had a winner. Brightly colored illustrations in a book about two best friends Peter and Paul (who happen to be puffins) getting separated from each other and- with the help of a friendly whale- get reunited for a happy ending? Yes please!

It’s Puffin Peter, by Petr Horacek. This is a story that gets told quite a bit, but not exactly in this way…It’s not only a fun story about friendship, but a narrative about miscommunication as the whale mistakenly finds other types of birds matching the description of the lost puffin. I’m already a big fan of Horacek’s picture books New House for Mouse, Silly Suzy Goose and Butterfly, Butterfly. And like many of my favorite author/illustrators, I think I’ll be fond of anything he does (and I admit a special bias for collage art).  The preschoolers I read it to today seemed to love it just as much.


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