Friday Favorite: Golden Books Gown by Ryan Jude Novelline


Remember your favorite Little Golden Books? If your answer is yes, you just have to see this gown  made from Golden Books! Ryan Jude Novelline is a pretty talented designer, I’d say. You should read more in the Publisher’s Weekly article, but here’s one of my favorite quotes from the interview:

“My mother and I were sitting in her writing room talking about how children’s books have such unfortunately short life spans. Books read at such a young age leave such long-lasting impressions on a person’s character, yet the physical books themselves barely last beyond one or two generations of use. The Golden Books series in particular was one that was passed down to me from my mother that heavily influenced my artistic identity. As a small child, I would tuck myself away and in silence passing hours attempting to perfectly replicate characters on printer paper to hang on my bedroom wall. Until I had conversation with my mother about the books, I had not reflected upon the many hours I spent admiring them as a child.

Can the emotional impact of these books endure beyond their initial use? This became my challenge. I was told I could never achieve such volume with paper, but in this case, I was stubborn and ignored arbitrary restrictions”.