Say You’re Sorry: 8 Books about Sibling Rivalry


There’s been a lot of pushing and shoving at our house lately, fights over the same toy or book or lap.  We recently experienced a two-ice-pack-kinda-day where we had more than one occasion to get the Elmo ice pack out of the freezer to ease my youngest child’s injuries- unfortunately thanks to his older brother. I certainly had rivalry issues with siblings growing up, but I was also the only girl of three children, so I felt special much of the time- I always had my own room, my own “girl” toys, friends, clothes, etc.

I imagine with two boys close in age, sibling rivalry is an issue we’ll be dealing with for years to come. We’ll encourage them to talk things through, use kind words and say sorry for mistakes- all skills they’ll need for navigating a lifetime of relationships. Here are eight picture books that address jealousy, fighting, etc. between siblings or peers.

1. When I Was King by Linda Ashman

2. Feet Are Not for Kicking by Elizabeth Verdick (part of the “Best Behavior” series, also: Hands Are Not for Hitting, Teeth Are Not for Biting, Calm Down Time, Sharing Time, etc.)

3. Mine! by Shutta Crum

4. Take Turns, Max and Millie by Felicity Brooks

5. Hodge the Hedgehog by Amy Sparkes

6. My Little Brother by David McPhail

7. Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney

8. It’s Not Fair! by Anita Harper

Little Parachutes offers some great book suggestions on the a variety of issues, including sibling rivalry. I think I’ll be checking these out soon….


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