Friday Favorite: Clementine by Sebastian Loth


“And then her flight seemed to slow down. It was as if she was floating weightlessly through space. Cautiously Clementine opened her eys and beheld an amazing sight: THE WORLD!” -Clementine

I recently wrote about an adorable snail book and now I’ve discovered another one. Clementine by Sebastian Loth is a sweet story about a brave little snail and her earthworm best friend, Paul. Clementine loves round shapes- round shells, car tires, and the moon. She longs to go visit the moon. With Paul’s help, she attempts to design something that will get her there.  Eventually she succeeds and learns that the earth is round too! The illustrations, particularly the ones of Clementine in outer space, are captivating and fun. This is a lovely story about dreams, determination, curiosity and friendship, perfect for preschoolers and older.