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Friday Favorite: Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale

Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale
Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale

I found Stripes of All Types by author/illustrator Susan Stockdale on the new nonfiction shelf at the library recently.  Its rhyming title and black and white patterned cover with a skunk made me curious. And now I have discovered a new favorite author!

Featuring animals with stripes, from zebras to tabby cats, from skunks to snakes, Stripes of All Types (2014) is a wonderful first scientific look at patterns among animals. The images are quite gorgeous. The rhyming text flows beautifully as it walks readers through various nature scenes with animals in their home environments:

“Crawling on a cactus, and camped by a creek./Propped on a log, poised on a leaf”

I recommend this one for a wide variety of ages, especially for 2 to 6 years. It would be a fun story time choice too.

Bring on the Birds by Susan Stockdale
Bring on the Birds by Susan Stockdale

For more info about this amazing author and artist, watch a video featuring her book “Bring on the Birds“, an award-winning title  published in 2011. And look for her next book, “Spectacular Spots” to be published in 2015.


Friday Favorite: “I Spy” books by Edward Gibbs

I Spy books by Edward Gibbs
I Spy books by Edward Gibbs

British author and former graphic designer Edward Gibbs takes the “I Spy” concept to a new level in his books, “I Spy on the Farm“, “I Spy with My Little Eye“, “I Spy Under the Sea” and his latest, “I Spy Pets“. Beyond stories, they engage the reader in an “I spy” game in one colorful, clever package. Brightly illustrated and interactive, these picture books feature an actual hole that the reader can peer through, but it is the text cues that help most with this guessing game.

From I Spy on the Farm:

“I spy with my little eye…something yellow that begins with a D. Quack, quack! I’m a duckling”.

“I spy with my little eye…something black that beings with an H. Neigh, neigh!  I’m a horse”.

The game doesn’t end on the last page- readers get a final hole and the words, “What can you spy with your little eye?” Recommended for ages 2 and up. You can read more reviews here.