Friday Favorite: “S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet” by Hannah Viano

S is for Salmon
S is for Salmon

(Disclosure: I received a promotional copy of this book but the opinion is my own.)

There are plenty of alphabet books out there- so many that you can afford to be pretty picky when choosing which titles to check out from the library or purchase and add to your child’s personal home collection. I’ve previously written about some of my favorite titles, but recently I came across a stunning and unique new alphabet book, Hannah Viano’s S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet from Sasquatch Books; this is one I can’t stop looking at, and it’s become a new favorite of mine.

Hannah Viano is a paper-cut artist (like one of my favorite authors/artists Nikki McClure) and this book beautifully captures the wonder and beauty of the natural world in the Pacific Northwest:


A is for Anemone: Tucked away when exposed at low tide, the tentacles of a sea ANEMONE reach out when the water returns.


G is for Gull: GULLS carry snacks of crabs and clams high into the air, then drop them onto rocks to open the hard shells.

Hannah Viano spend her childhood exploring the rocky Maine coast, and has worked as an outdoor educator. Viano entered the art world after her son’s birth: “In my life, art has always been fit in around the edges,” she says, “a tiny sketchbook and a stolen moment in the rigging of a sailing ship, or a thick roll of paper held open by my bare feet in the sand” She now lives in Seattle, Washington and “strives to mix natural history and art together in accessible ways through public art projects, education, and site-specific installations”.

S is for Salmon is a wonderful book to share with preschoolers, elementary students and up- really anyone who loves the Pacific Northwest, who appreciates and enjoys the coast and its natural beauty. This would make an amazing gift for the special beach lover in your life. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this talented author/illustrator.