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Friday Favorite: Larry Gets Lost by John Skewes

pdxabccovA while ago, Sasquatch books sent me copies of Portland ABC: A Larry Gets Lost book, written and illustrated by John Skewes as well as Larry Loves Portland in board book format. Both books feature an adorable brown puppy named Larry who explores the city and introduces young readers to all the important sights (the Willamette River, various bridges, the Rose Garden, Union Station, even Voodoo Doughnuts). Each story is a colorful delight with “retro-inspired” illustrations. The alphabet book has clear, bold letters, making it attractive to preschoolers. These books offer a fun, interesting way to introduce geography to kids, and they would be a special souvenir for children who are visiting Portland, or a unique book in your child’s collection.

If you happen to reside elsewhere, there may be a “Larry Gets Lost” or “Larry Loves” book featuring your own city or state. See the website for more info and additional resources, such as an activity kit and teacher guide.