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Friday Favorite: B is for Bear- A Natural Alphabet

B is for BearPapercut artist Hannah Viano has another beautiful alphabet book publishing this month, and I recently received a promotional copy to review. (I previously reviewed “S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet” here).

I usually don’t pay much attention to book dedications…unless they are as striking as this one. Viano’s book is dedicated “to all of those who let children run a little wild, climbing trees and splashing in puddles. It is worth all the laundry and lost mittens”.  With that statement, we turn the page to find the first letter, “A” for Acorn. This seems like a perfect intro for little readers and nature lovers, especially right now as my preschooler is coming home with pockets full of acorns he collects in the yard and on our neighborhood rambles.

O is for Otter

Each image is a work of art, at times reflecting movement and at other moments, still beauty. These mesmerizing images are “cut from black paper with an X-ACTO knife and soft colors are added digitally”. Each letter is accompanied by a short description or interesting fact. Some of them will be familiar, such as “G- Grass”; “M-Mountain”; “W- Wave”; but others will invite further investigation, such as “E- Egret”; “H- Herring”, “Y- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker”. I love that she chooses “K is for Kids” with this description: “What is another creature that belongs outdoors? KIDS!” Yes.  Our children need nature.  In today’s struggle to get kids regular outdoor time for unstructured play and exploration, this is a great reminder. Finally, she urges the reader to “dream of all the things that you must go investigate”- a perfect message for anyone who’s curious about the natural world whether you’re 3 or 93.

I highly recommend adding this title to your bookshelf.