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Launching Young Readers

babyreadingOn the reference desk, I often get questions like “My child is starting to read. What early readers will best help them learn?” or simply “How can I teach my kid to read?” This is an area I’m not formally trained in- I’m not an educator/teacher or reading specialist and use that disclaimer as I’m assisting patrons. We hear terms like DRA, lexile, F&P, A-Z, and so on. We need charts to decipher reading levels. I find it challenging to keep track of the many “early reader” options; created by different publishers, even the same levels aren’t uniform, so it’s very confusing to those of us trying to successfully connect kids with the “appropriate” books.

To get one teacher’s perspective, check out this helpful blog with good tips for parents whose children are early readers. When we get caught up in leveling mania we often lose track of print motivation, or reading for pleasure and enjoyment. So how do we inspire young kids to read and keep reading?

This TV series looks pretty cool. Here is a description:

“Launching Young Readers is a public television series designed for teachers, parents, caregivers, and anyone else interested in helping children learn to read. Based on the latest research findings, the series consists of 30-minute television programs that explore the stages of reading that every child goes through. The programs feature the country’s top reading experts, look at different reading strategies, provide practical advice for parents, and interweave the personal stories of children, families, and teachers”.

I don’t have school age children…yet. But I wonder what approaches and methods I will be facing in a few years as they learn to read in a more formal environment. What are your thoughts and experiences with helping kids learn to read? I’d love to hear from you.