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Friday Favorite: Oh Baby!

oh_babyGiven my love of monkeys and monkey books, the cover of this book caught my eye and I could not resist.

Oh Baby! The A to Z from Kane Miller is an adorable ABC book full of real photos of baby animals. There are hedgehogs, newts, and an impala, as well as some more common animals such as elephants, kangaroos and zebras. Letters are printed in upper and lower case and very large, which is always nice to see in an alphabet book, and the name of the animal is printed under the letter. This book will introduce new vocabulary by introducing animals not usually seen in basic alphabet books.

Some pages have a description (“Oranguatans love to swing!”) or (“Racoon is clever with his claws”) while others feature the animal up close, staring out of the page at the reader with huge eyes. The design of the book really appeals, with some brightly-colored print popping on some pages, and more understated black and white on others. Read this and you’ll feel like you and your little one took a tour of the zoo without ever leaving your living room.